Hello and welcome to our website! I am very excited to announce our launch of SAINT FLORIAN CLOTHING on this day 12/21/12! This day marked in the Mayan Calendar as the day our world as we know it will end. Not for us. This is the day our mission begins. What is our mission? CEO/Founder/and Designer Zack Taylor of San Bernardino County Fire Department in California had his vision of this clothing company while on a surf trip to Nosara, Costa Rica 5 years ago. Zack's Uncle Bill who has since passed had come to know a local firefighter in the town after his many visits and in conversation Bill had told him Zack would be visiting soon and he was a Firefighter/paramedic in California. This local firefighter in Nosara asked Bill if Zack could bring any medical supplies as they were in desperate need. Zack packed a bag full of supplies that were "expired" or no longer in use such as OB kits, blow up arm and leg splints, bandages, BVM's, slings, etc in an old medical red bag and brought it on the plane. Zack met Bill and they made their way to the local firefighters home and found him working in his garage. Bill introduced Zack and he gave the bag full of supplies to him. He respectfully gave it back and said he was sorry but couldn't afford it. Zack said, "It's yours! I brought it for you. It is stuff we would have thrown away." He began to cry and said, "You don't understand! We can't get these supplies here! We had someone get stabbed last week and we didn't have the proper supplies to care for him. Thank you so much!" Zack was ignorant to the fact that there were Fire Departments that didn't have the basic necessary supplies to care for their community. Being a firefighter in California most of us are fortunate to never have this burden. Zack couldn't imagine the helpless feeling these Firefighters/EMT's/First Responders must have at times when they know what they need to do to help but don't have it. They have the knowledge and training to know what they need to do to help but don't have the supplies to render the care. Then to watch their friend, family, or citizen in their community succumb to their injuries. After this trip Zack's eyes were opened and it pained him to watch as his department as well as nearly all others threw away "expired" medical supplies. That we all know don't actually expire. The saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure" had never had a better meaning. Since Zack's surfing trip to Costa Rica he has secured a patent on a straw hat in the shape of a traditional firefighter helmet, secured a trademark on the name SAINT FLORIAN CLOTHING, trademarked the logo, designed his clothing line, and now the time has come to launch! It is very exciting and rewarding time. While coming up with ideas for the name of his company Saint Florian came to mind. St. Florian being the patron saint of Firefighters. We can help our brothers and sisters all over the world while paying homage to the Saint. St. Florian Protect us! Uncle Bill you have left a legacy and you are dearly missed. Until we meet again. God Bless. - Zack Taylor SAINT FLORIAN CLOTHING